Josh Winiberg - Music Tutor

Bookings and Payment
Bookings for lessons at Chalkwell are taken on a half-termly basis. The amount of lessons offered depends on the length of that half-term, but will average out at five.

Group lessons are 30 minutes each, and cost £5 per lesson.
One-to-one lessons cost £12 per 20 minutes, or £17 per half-hour (please specify which you prefer).

Invoices go out once the timetable has been confirmed, and must be paid prior to the first lesson of that half-term. Children will only be admitted to lessons if their account is settled - this means payment must be made by the first lesson in order to take part. If a lesson is missed due to an outstanding balance, that lesson will still need to be paid for if a student is to be readmitted at a later date.  
Your invoice includes the timetable for that half term. Dates and times are subject to change each half term, and there may be variation from week to week in order to avoid clashes with school events. Please ensure you check every invoice carefully, and make a note on your calendar of each individual lesson.

Groups are allocated firstly by playing experience, then by class/year. When timetabling I do my utmost to minimise disruption to the classroom staff, as well as avoid clashes to core subjects. As such I'm afraid I cannot take requests for students to be placed in any particular group or time slot.
For the same reasons, it is sometimes unavoidable that one or two groups may be scheduled to take place during lunchtime. I appreciate this isn't ideal so I will always try to rotate any group who has their lesson during a break.

Students will be automatically re-enrolled for the following half-term. I begin timetabling at the start of the holidays, therefore if you wish to discontinue lessons or change instrument please let me know before the school holidays begin.

Learning Materials
In order to take part in lessons, sheet music books will need to be purchased and bought to every lesson. When I know your child's level of experience I will advise on which to buy. These books are generally inexpensive and will see a student through for a substantial length of time. 

Attendance and Cancellation
I'm afraid it is not possible for parents to cancel group lessons, or receive refunds for group lessons missed for any reason, including due to school events. Since they are already heavily discounted I rely on a certain amount of guaranteed attendance to be able to run these sessions. The cheap rate takes into account the fact that students may not be able to receive every lesson.

One-to-one lessons may be cancelled providing I am made aware by 8am on the day of the lesson. Valid reasons for cancellation are school trips, exams, or illness. It is the parent's duty to inform me if their child cannot attend for any reason.

If I have to cancel a lesson for any reason, I will endeavour to reschedule to another week that half-term. If that isn't possible, then the balance will deducted from the next invoice. Refunds are available if the student is no longer continuing lessons.

Please bear in mind that it is your child's responsibility to attend their lesson. I can spend a couple minutes looking for missing students, but any longer wouldn't be fair on those who have turned up on time. Neither I nor the school can accept responsibility for failure to attend due to forgetting about the lesson.

Students must attend with their correct instrument and learning materials, and behave appropriately in the lesson. Failure to do so may result in being removed from the class for that lesson, or permanently. Refunds cannot be issued in this instance.

In order to run my classes I have to retain certain information, which is held on an online database (My Music Staff), my phone, and my computer. Data held is limited to the minimum required for lessons to function: names, e-mail address and phone numbers of students and parents/guardians, instruments/skills being taught, levels of experience, timetable, and payment information. By signing up for lessons you agree to this data retention, and to be contacted via phone and/or e-mail. Data can be deleted on request, however in that instance I would be unable to continue lessons.

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