Josh Winiberg - Music Tutor

Bookings and Payment
Bookings for online tuition are taken and invoiced upfront on a monthly basis. The price per student is £20 for half an hour or £35 for an hour. This can be paid online via the link provided on the invoice. Payment is due on the 1st of each month, with invoices e-mailed out one week before hand. If payment has not been received by the 3rd a gentle reminder will be sent out automatically. There is an automatic payment facility available for those who wish to opt in via the portal.

Lessons will only take place if the student's account is settled - this means payment must be made by the first lesson of the most recent billing period in order to take part. If a lesson is missed due to an outstanding balance, that lesson will still need to be paid for if a student is to be readmitted at a later date.

Please check your invoice to see which dates lessons are on that month as there may be some weeks I am not available.

Attendance and Cancellation
Lessons may be cancelled by students/parents via the online portal. Provided you cancel with at least four hours notice you will receive a 'make-up credit' which can be used to reschedule your lesson (more on this below). Although lessons cancelled by students/parents are not refundable, using these credits means you don't have to miss out on lessons you have paid for.

If you need to cancel a lesson within four hours of the lesson start time you will not receive a make-up credit automatically, however please state your reason for cancellation as in some circumstances a credit may still be given.

Occasionally I can accept a request to skip a lesson altogether. However, please bear in mind that I can't accept requests to skip lessons on a regular basis since the slot has to be reserved whether it's used that week or not. The decision to allow a lesson to be skipped without payment, and what constitutes regular, is at my discretion, and I may request that payment is made in order to hold the slot open. Requests to skip lessons must be sent directly via e-mail prior to the 1st of the month. After that, or if the cancellation is made via the student portal, a make-up credit will be issued instead.

In the event that I have to cancel a lesson, the fee paid for that lesson will automatically be deducted from your next invoice. If you prefer to reschedule the lesson instead of rolling it over to the following month, please get in touch.

If lessons are unable to take part due to technical issues on my side, a refund will be offered proportionate to the amount of the lesson missed. If the technical issues are on the student's side a refund may be issued at my discretion.

Make-Up Credits
These can be redeemed via the online portal to book an additional lesson outside of your regular slot (these may not be used in place of your regular scheduled lesson, so lessons are not 'rolled-over'). Credits are valid for 60 days each before they automatically expire - this is in order to prevent people accumulating more lessons than I am able to honour.

To book your extra lesson please log in to the portal and scroll down to see available slots. Make-up slots are 15 minutes long each, so you will need to book multiple slots to get a full lesson's worth.

If you cannot find a suitable slot please get in touch and I will try to book something in. While I cannot guarantee there will be a suitable slot for you to book, I will always endeavour to ensure everybody gets the lessons they are entitled to.

Safeguarding Notice for Parents/Guardians
For your child's protection:
I undergo regular safeguarding refreshers as is required for working in schools, and have an enhanced DBS check.
I have an open-door policy for children - please make sure you are able to see the lessons at all times.
I prefer children to use Skype/Zoom/WhatsApp accounts registered to their parent's e-mail address where possible, and also prefer to have direct contact with parents regarding lesson arrangements.
I do not knowingly accept any social media requests from child students.

In order to run my classes I have to retain certain information, which is held in online databases (My Music Staff [my student portal and calendar] and [to send SMS messages]), my phone, and my computer which backs up to the cloud. Data held is limited to the minimum required for lessons to function: names, e-mail address and phone numbers of students and parents/guardians, instruments/skills being taught, levels of experience, timetable, and payment information. All information held on my computer and the cloud is encrypted. For online lessons I will also need to connect via Skype and Zoom. By signing up for lessons you agree to this data retention, and to be contacted via phone and/or e-mail. Data can be deleted on request, however in that instance I would be unable to continue lessons.

Please visit for more info on me and my projects